April 1st - Live Website Release

April 20th - Release posters go out

Week of May 1st - Release of Chimera XIV


//kīmirə/ noun:
1A: (IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY) A fire-breathing female monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.
1B: Any mythical animal with parts taken from various animals.
2: A thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is ullusory or impossible to achieve.
3: A journal of student art and literature that is published annually by Edinboro University’s art department and designed by the Graphic and Interactive Design department.


Chimera I was first published in 2002. The first 10 volumes of Chimera were designed in a 7x7 square format. Formats since have taken a liberal turn.

Collateral can be found alongside these books can be viewed here.

Chimera Book 1 Chimera Book 2
Chimera Book 3 Chimera Book 4 Chimera Book 5 Chimera Book 6 Chimera Book 7 Chimera Book 8 Chimera Book 9 Chimera Book 10 Chimera Book 11 Chimera Book 12 Chimera Book 13 Chimera Book 14


Chimera has received the top award in the UCDA competition for three consecutive years. In addition, Chimera has received special mention from the jury. Each jury noted the excellence of the publication, and gave Chimera special mention during the awards ceremony. As a result, Shelle Barron was invited to speak about the program at the UCDA National Convention in Kansas City. Furthermore, Chimera has won a national award in the National Student Literary Journal competition and numerous awards in AIGA regional competitions. Chimera promotional materials have won numerous awards in regional, national and international competitions. The poster for the eighth exhibition was featured in Graphis. Every volume of the journal has won numerous awards.

The Chimera Journal of Literature and Art has won over 25 awards since its inception in 2003. Our journal has been featured in the HOW International Design Awards Annual, a competition that has thousands of international entries each year. Only a few of the many of the award-winning entires are published in the International Annual. However, Chimera been published in the prestigious annual eight times since the inception of the journal. Chimera has also received top honors in The One Show, The Great Design Show, The UCDA Design Competition, AIGA Flux Student Competition, The American Advertising Awards, and AIGA 365 (Pittsburgh).


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